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Download Khuda Kay Liye Movie in Hindi MP4 and Learn About the Impact of Extremism and 9/11

Khuda Kay Liye Movie in Hindi MP4 Download

Khuda Kay Liye, also known as In the Name of God, is a 2007 Pakistani drama film directed by Shoaib Mansoor, starring Shaan Shahid, Fawad Khan, Iman Ali, and Naseeruddin Shah. The film explores the impact of extremism and 9/11 on the lives of three Pakistanis: two brothers who are singers and a British-Pakistani girl who is forced to marry her cousin. The film was a critical and commercial success, winning several awards and becoming the first Pakistani film to be released in India after almost half a century. If you are looking for a powerful and thought-provoking movie that deals with contemporary issues, Khuda Kay Liye is a must-watch. In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the plot, a review of the movie, and some options to download Khuda Kay Liye movie in hindi mp4 format.

Khuda Kay Liye movie in hindi mp4 download

Plot Summary

The film follows three stories that are interlinked by the events of 9/11. Mansoor (Shaan Shahid) and Sarmad (Fawad Khan) are two brothers who are successful singers from Lahore. Sarmad becomes influenced by an Islamic activist Maulana Tahiri (Rasheed Naz), who convinces him to abandon his music career and adopt a more conservative lifestyle. Mansoor, on the other hand, moves to Chicago to pursue his studies in music. He falls in love with Janie (Austin Marie Sayre), an American girl who is also his classmate.

Mary (Iman Ali) is a British-Pakistani girl who lives with her father in London. She has a boyfriend named Dave (Alex Edwards), whom she wants to marry. However, her father disapproves of their relationship, as he believes that it is forbidden for Muslim women to marry outside their faith. He tricks Mary into going to Pakistan with him, where he plans to marry her off to Sarmad, who is his nephew. Mary is taken to Afghanistan, where she is forced to wed Sarmad against her will. She tries to escape, but is caught and raped by Sarmad.

After 9/11, Mansoor is arrested by the CIA on suspicion of being involved in terrorist activities. He is tortured and humiliated in prison, where he eventually loses his sanity. He writes "I LOVE USA" on the walls of his cell, but later changes it to "I LOVE USAMA". Meanwhile, Mary gives birth to a daughter and manages to contact her lawyer in London. She files a case against her father and Sarmad for kidnapping and rape. The case is taken up by Moulana Wali (Naseeruddin Shah), a progressive Islamic scholar who challenges Maulana Tahiri's interpretation of Islam.


Khuda Kay Liye is a bold and brave film that tackles some of the most sensitive and controversial topics in today's world. The film does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of extremism, violence, prejudice, and injustice that affect millions of people across the globe. The film also raises important questions about religion, culture, identity, freedom, and humanity.

The film is well-directed by Shoaib Mansoor, who uses a realistic and gripping style to narrate the stories. The film has a strong script that balances drama, emotion, humor, and suspense. The film also has a powerful message that appeals to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The film urges people to think critically and independently about their beliefs and actions, and not to blindly follow anyone or anything.

The film boasts of some excellent performances by the cast. Shaan Shahid delivers a convincing portrayal of Mansoor, who goes through a drastic transformation from a happy-go-lucky singer to a broken prisoner. Fawad Khan impresses as Sarmad, who struggles with his inner conflict between his love for music and his devotion to his faith. Iman Ali gives a stunning performance as Mary, who suffers from the trauma and abuse of her forced marriage. Naseeruddin Shah steals the show as Moulana Wali, who delivers a brilliant and inspiring speech in the climax of the film. The supporting cast also does a commendable job in their respective roles.

The film also has a remarkable soundtrack that complements the mood and theme of the film. The film features some original songs by Shoaib Mansoor, as well as some popular Pakistani and Indian songs by artists like Ahmed Jahanzeb, Strings, Atif Aslam, and Lata Mangeshkar. The film also uses some classical and folk music to enhance the cultural and historical aspects of the film.

Download Options

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