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A Week At Eddie's

Eddie Lubomir is heading into a quiet week off from work, but the city of Tragoston's Stay at Home Warden Project (S.T.H.W.P.) unexpectedly places a convict in his a prison his living room! Eddie and his new inmate roommate, Randall, get off to a rocky start but manage to find a way to co-exist and even enjoy each other's company. But when Randall takes advantage of a thin disguise and Eddie's date night with the unflappable Liz to escape his living room prison cell, Eddie must create a wild web of lies that spirals out of control to protect Randall and himself in a city where no one is quite who they seem to be. The rest of Eddie's week becomes an avalanche of theft, robberies, secret organizations, and murder. Romp your way through this absurd crime comedy showcasing wacky government bureaucracy, intermittent show tunes, pissed off bees, bear costume enthusiasts and you, too, will know some of Tragoston's secrets.

A Week at Eddie's

The week concluded for Oakland Catholic on Saturday with a thrashing of host Allderdice in The Challenge basketball event, 80-12. Hill scored a game-high 14 points, Washington added 12 and junior Raygen Hintemeyer chipped in 11 points for the Eagles.

"That was a rough day, rough week," Jake said (see video below). "[Me and] a lot of guitar friends, [we were] texting back and forth. [Eddie] was an influence for every guitar player. Who didn't wanna play 'Eruption' and stuff like that? I remember growing up, he was such an influence to me. I remember a couple of years where I listened to VAN HALEN constantly. But it was pretty brutal. We mourned his loss for, like, a week."

The senior scored a career-high 19 points in a win over Freehold Township and 15 in the big win at CBA, hitting five three-pointers against the Patriots and three in the big win at CBA. Paladino continued his hot shooting into this week, knocking down five three-pointers in a 17-point game vs. Brick Memorial in the SCT, including four during Marlboro's 30-point fourth quarter.

Marlboro senior Eddie Paladino has been lighting it up from beyond the three-point arc and the SSN readers have recognized him as Orthopaedic Institute of Central Jersey Player of the Week from last week.\nRead More

The Premier League fixture computer decides who plays who and when, as teams located close to one another are usually playing at home on opposite weekends to help with policing, crowd control and transport congestion in those areas.

The National Security Agency works every day to find new ways to break into international networks, but it's rare to see proof of that hacking bonanza out in the open. This week's security news was dominated by a mysterious group called the Shadow Brokers, who launched an auction for data allegedly stolen from the Equation Group, an elite team of hackers with probable ties to the NSA. Though the auction itself waskind of a mess, the legitimacy of the stolen data and its connection to the NSA became more and more certain as the week went on. The NSA hangs on to some of the vulnerabilities it discovers instead of disclosing them so it can do intelligence gathering, but the Shadow Brokers situation demonstrates all too clearly how that practice can be problematic if zero days escape the agency's control.

Smith and Quinn were leaders on the Bears' defense. When Quinn was dealt ahead of Smith, the linebacker even got emotional in a press conference. Little did he know that he would be gone within the week as well.

The Bears offense has taken steps forward ever since their bye week, but the defense now statistically ranks No. 16 in the league (344 yards of total offense allowed per game). The losses of Smith and Quinn only hurt this unit. 041b061a72


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