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The Karate Kid Part II YIFY [BEST]

The Next Karate Kid has Pat Morita at a ceremony at Arlington National Cemeteryfor the Japanese-American veterans. Afterward he agrees to kind of babysitHillary Swank who is the grand daughter of Constance Towers his former commanding officer. She's a rebellious youth who never got over losing herparents in a car crash.Morita succeeds in awakening an interest in karate that Swank's late father tried to teach her. She'll need it because there's another sensei who has gone over to the dark side. Michael Ironside who is a cop and part time teacher hasraised a gang of karate thugs of whom Michael Cavalieri is head. This crowdonly needs MAGA hats to make it complete.If you saw the other three Karate Kid movies you know how this one goes. Thesame plot elements are in all three.There was no great demand for a sequel, but that sure didn't hurt Hillary Swank any with two Oscars in her future. This is a pleasant piece of familyviewing.

The Karate Kid Part II YIFY

THE NEXT KARATE KID is a few-years-down-the-line spin-off from the original series. Thankfully the kid star of the original trilogy has long since departed, although Pat Morita is back with his fun and warm-hearted character. This one reminded me of ROCKY V a little in its depiction of the new generation dealing with their own problems and issues. Hilary Swank is fun in the lead role, although hardly convincing in the fighting stakes; best of them all is the great Michael Ironside as another growling villain with a ton of screen presence. The film offers violent moments countered with some fun light-hearted scenes, such as the bits with the monks in the bowling alley, a definite highlight. 041b061a72


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